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Why Are They So Effective? What Should You Know Before Booking Your Transplant?

Why Are Hair Transplants So Effective?

Why Are Hair Transplants The Best Way To Regrow Your Hair?

Hair is surprisingly complex and when it shrinks, thins or sheds it can be challenging to deal with. Medications, supplements, lifestyle and herbs may stimulate some new growth and can be very effective at preventing further hair loss and weakening, as well as thickening. But when it comes to a hair follicle that has is good as gone, well then, like anything else, there’s no returning it from the dead.

Once hair follicles have become permanently inactive, stimulation methods may have little effect generating regrowth and a hair transplantation may be the only means of returning that natural look to your scalp – repopulating those fallen comrades and keeping them there for good.

Okay, let’s break down this beast of a topic fully:

Hair is made up of two main structures:

  • Hair follicle – which is implanted in the skin itself
  • Shaft – this is the visible part that we see above the scalp

The hair follicle extends from the top level of the skin, called the epidermis, down into the dermis. In the dermis, it’s supplied with capillaries, very small blood vessels, and these provide it with nourishment. Different parts of the follicle have different functions, but when we talk about a dead hair we’re talking about the very bottom part of the follicle, which is known as the bulb.

Cells within the bulb are remarkable in that they divide every 23 to 72 hours, which is actually way faster than any other cell within the body. Surrounding the follicle itself are two sheaths: an inner and an outer sheath. These play the function of providing sebum oil and protection and structure, keeping the hair and skin healthy and conditioned. As we age, we produce less sebum, and we produce the most amount of it during puberty – which is why greasy hair and skin is a common trope of adolescence.

The hair shaft itself is dead, and is made up of a tough protein known as keratin. In other words, the hair that you actually see on your scalp is not living, but zombie material. Nevertheless, this part is the most interesting and contains layers, two of which give your hair its color.

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Regrowing Hair Through Transplantation

Now that we’ve covered the basics, I can make this statement:

Surgery is the only way to actually regrow hair if you have completely lost hair follicles due to male pattern baldness.

This is common in men with receding hairlines. Their hairs have completely died out – there is no way of regaining them without physically transplanting them back in. No fancy spinach and caffeine shampoo will do this job. And this is why there is a long list of – mainly men – in the celebrity world

Post Op

who have suddenly gone from shoe-horse hairline to Hercules, including (allegedly in some cases):

  • Elon musk (inventor and CEO)
  • John Travolta (actor)
  • Chris Martin (international musician)
  • Jude Law (actor)
  • Shane Warne (cricketer)
  • Cesc Fabregas (footballer)
  • Matthew McConaughey (actor)

That’s just to name a tiny few…

The process – follicular unit extraction (FUE)

There is only one technique to use for transplantation if you want that real natural look and that is follicular unit extraction. First introduced by the DHI medical group, this procedure prevents scarring, although it is more laborious. As the saying goes, nothing good comes easy; instead of extracting long sections of hair at the time, each individual hair is reallocated.

Firstly, your surgeon will want to examine your scalp in full in order to determine the areas requiring new hair. This is almost always at the front section when it comes to men, so the doctor may determine that hair from the back and the side of the head which are remaining should be taken and transplanted to the front. Hair in this area of the head is not effected like the hair on the top of the head, so there is no fear that you will then lose the new hair like the old.

In seven hours, about 4000 hairs can be reallocated, without an overnight stay. This will lead to a uniform thickness around the whole scalp.

Please note — it takes time for this new hair to grow – an estimated 3 to 4 months.

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