All You Need To Know About Getting A Hair Transplant

So you’re losing your hair, now what? Well you need to determine at what level you are losing your hair and also if it is treatable or an underlying medical condition before going any further, a hair transplant can be too strong. If you have not already check out the treatments page, this will help you determine what is the right course of action for you personally.

It might mean another treatment would be better, it might mean that a hair transplant is your only course of action form this point.

Hair transplants are usually only used in extreme cases of hair loss, at a point where the receding hairline is beyond saving then you should look into.

How To Tell If You’re A Good Fit For A Hair Transplant?

If you have serious MPB (Male pattern baldness), or are considered bald. If you’re at this stage then using minoxidil will not regrow any hair, it’s not a magic cure.

No reputable clinic will advise you to get a hair transplant without first stopping the hair loss, this is where minoxidil and propecia come in. These do regrow hair that has fallen out, however it takes time and isn’t going to have the desired effect for somebody who is bald. If you think about it, it’s very good advice. Imagine you went ahead and got a hair transplant to bring back your hairline 5 years, what happens when the hair behind continues to fall out? You will be left with bald spots, before you consider this treatment consider that.

Clinics will also help you with this, however it is usually far cheaper to go direct.

I’m Completely Bald Will This Help?

Yes, this is the ONLY treatment out there that will help you if you have a fully receded hairline. Other than wigs of course.

What To Expect?

This depends on which method you go for, there are two different choices. One will cost more but will not leave any scaring, the other will actually involve taking strips of skin form the side of your head which will leave a scar. There is also a price difference, the FUE treatment tends to be more expensive than the other.

The method I recommend is a FUE treatment that will leave no scarring at all. There are ways to keep the cost down, going abroad for a couple of days is one. If you consider this however please do a lot of research into the practices to ensure they’re safe and clean. I have heard from countless people who have had great experiences from going abroad, it sounds worse than it is.

After you have had the procedure you will instantly have hair, but it’s not that simple.

Usually within 6 weeks the hair will fall out and it is important to remember to NOT be disheartened by this. After that you’re at the point where the new hair will grow in. Sometimes if you supplement with biotin you can help keep the initial hair however you should not worry if this initial hair falls out, it’s going to happen don’t get too disheartened by it.

You will still be using finasteride and minoxidil at this point to help the new hair grow in quicker and stronger. Most clinics recommend staying on this until fully regrown, you may want to stay on it further than that. But that is up to you, also how quickly you personally experience hair loss.

After roughly between 3-6 months is when you can expect your hair to be back to normal. Although it is the quickest fix, it isn’t overnight still. You will be amazed at how quick;y the time goes by, I’ve spoken to so many people who are so used to having a full hairline again almost forgot what it was like, it’s something that feels longer than it is. You have to remember your hair will be getting better everyday, so it’s not like you have to be bald for the 6 months, your hair will just continue to improve until it’s exactly how you wanted it to be.

Check out this video below, this guy had his hair transplant and he couldn’t be happier with the results.

But the results can be phenomenal, look below for examples of successful treatments:

hair transplant results